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Common Questions

RDK Answers Your Concerns

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Asphalt Sealing from RDKHow often should I seal?

We recommend our regular customers to reapply every two to three years. Your sealer should begin to show wear patterns where your wheels ride. This is a signal to give us a call.

How does sealer protect?

It is similar to wearing sun block or waxing your car. Sealmaster has designed this product specifically for our region. In the summer, it keeps the rain from penetrating the pores and small voids in your blacktop. The sun can be equally as damaging. UV rays break down the tar and oil that hold your driveway together. This causes the loss of aggregate.

How is the price determined for me?

First, we measure the square footage of your blacktop, the linear feet of the cracks that need to be filled, estimated time for cleaning and factor in the treatment of oil spots. With these measurements and estimates, we assign a cents per square foot number.

How can I help protect between applications?

Keeping grass cut back from the end of the driveway, using an oil pan under leaky cars, keeping the bottom of your drive free from stones/dirt and parking in different spots can help prevent wheel ruts.

Do you do commercial applications?

Yes, at RDK Asphalt Sealing, we are proud to offer a variety of services to commercial markets.  These include Line Striping, Speed Bumps and Parking Blocks, Bollards and Bollard Covers, and Clearance Bars.   

Service Area

RDK Asphalt Seal Coating, located in Delmont, PA, serves all of Westmoreland County and many surrounding communities, including:  Apollo, Blairsville, Connellsville, Derry, East Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Hempfield Township, Irwin, Jeannette, Latrobe, Ligonier, McKeesport, Monroeville, Mount Pleasant, Murrysville, Penn Township, New Kensington, North Huntingdon, Scottdale, White Oak, Youngwood, and the eastern half of Allegheny County.  Not sure if we serve your area? Please call us today at 724-468-5956. 

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