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Driveway Apron Repair

Driveway Apron Repair, Patching and Replacement

Where Your Driveway Meets the Street

Winter weather, rain, and traffic all take their toll on your driveway, especially where the driveway meets the street. Here, holes and eroded asphalt can act like your own private pothole collection, damaging your car every time you enter or exit your own driveway.

We've also seen problems in new housing developments, where the roads built into the developments are not fully completed for a couple of years after the houses are sold and occupied. Where your driveway is built to match the expected level of the completed street, it is often inches higher than the actual street "under construction." This problem may go on for years.

RDK Asphalt Seal Coating can smooth the asphalt ramp joining the driveway to the street until the street is completed and level with the driveway.

RDK will tack coat (aka bond coat) the area where your driveway meets the street and apply asphalt for a smooth and durable fix.  Where the driveway itself is asphalt, if there is significant damage, we can remove the damaged area, square it up and replace it as needed.

Let RDK save your car from bottoming out on driveways that are not flush with existing street levels. Call us today at 724-468-5956.

Repairs Where the Driveway Meets the Garage

Weathering wear and tear can also affect the area extending outwards two to six feet from the front of the garage. Winter weather, freeze-thaw cycles, water damage, and even heavy vehicle use can damage the apron. A damaged driveway apron and sunken asphalt can lead to continuing water damage and degradation of the garage's foundation (or even your home).

RDK Asphalt Seal Coating can help. Contact us for more information.

Professional Driveway Repair

At RDK Asphalt Seal Coating, we offer professional repair service on sunken or separated apron areas.

  • We restore a smooth and durable transition from driveway to street.
  • We prevent water intrusion and further damage by repairing breaks and voids.
  • Driveway apron repair and sealing helps prevent further settling and erosion of your driveway.

Let us help you bring your driveway back to life. Call RDK today at 724-468-5956.

Service Area

RDK Asphalt Seal Coating, located in Delmont, PA, serves all of Westmoreland County and many surrounding communities, including:  Apollo, Blairsville, Connellsville, Derry, East Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Hempfield Township, Irwin, Jeannette, Latrobe, Ligonier, McKeesport, Monroeville, Mount Pleasant, Murrysville, Penn Township, New Kensington, North Huntingdon, Scottdale, White Oak, Youngwood, and the eastern half of Allegheny County.  Not sure if we serve your area? Please call us today at 724-468-5956.

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